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atla_reflection's Journal

Avatar Reflection: an image stamping community
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Hello, and welcome to Avatar Reflection! I am the founder and moderator of this community, PO Texaco (irish_pylon). This is a stamping community for Nick's Avatar: The Last Airbender in which the members of the community vote as to which character/s you look like. I have just a few simple rules which you must abide by:


- You must be at least 13 years old (both my rule and LJ's)
- Upon joining the community, friend it, as some users may wish to friends-lock their entries.
- If you do not friends-lock your entry and you are haggled by an anonymous user it's not my fault. If you do not want to be haggled by inconsiderate users, then friends-lock your post.
- You must post at least 3 clear images of yourself. No cosplay pictures of any degree (this includes facepaint) can be posted until you have been stamped. If I see cosplay pics then your entry will be deleted and you will be asked to make another one.
- No nudity. Please. Although some of us may enjoy it (hehe...) there is the potential of 13-year-olds seeing these pictures. If the pictures are suggestive then use your judgement as to whether a 13-year-old should be seeing them. If I feel your pictures are too suggestive then I will delete the post and ask you to make another one.
- Put all images behind an lj-cut, PLEASE! If you have more than 3 pictures then leave a little warning for users with dial-up.
- To prove that you have read the rules, put your subject line as "My aura has never been pinker/bluer/whatever-your-favourite-colour-is-er".
- Once you have been stamped, STAY ACTIVE!!!
- Upon being stamped, please upload the stamps to your own server.
- When voting, please bold your votes. You do not have to be stamped to vote!!!

When applying, you may give us a little insight to yourself: how old you are, your interests and hobbies, your favourite character, why you like Avatar, etc. However, this information will not be used in the voting process.

This is the first community that I am running, and any tips/help from you guys is appreciated. There are times when I will be away, so I am looking for a co-mod to take over in such times. Also, I am not the greatest photo-editor. If you wish to make a banner, an icon, or other stamps for this community by all means have at her! They will be properly credited and greatly appreciated.

The stamps for this community can be found here. YOU ARE NOT LIMITED TO THIS LIST!!!! These are the stamps which I have made so far. If there is a character not here who you feel someone looks like then vote them as that character. If they are eventually stamped as that character then I will make a stamp. Credit for the images for the stamps goes to firebender.com